Our Story

Let’s get one thing straight, all three of us love sport just as much as we love the post match shenanigans! We’ve all had life-long relationships with a wide variety of sports but it was ultimately our love for hockey and one horrific accident that really brought us together and inspired us to create Blind Spot. This is our story.

Unlikely Inspiration

Like many good things, Blind Spot was born out of adversity. Whilst playing in an Olympic hockey qualifier against Malaysia during November 2019, co-founder Sam took a ball to the face resulting in serious injuries that left him with limited sight in his left eye.

This was a crushing blow to Sam’s stellar hockey career and threatened to not only put a premature end to his Olympic dreams, but his whole hockey life.

His recovery was long and uncertain but his hockey family were there for him throughout. And one thing was for sure – whilst he was off the pitch, Sam was still very much the life and soul of the post match party! In many ways it was this post-match community - and the friends watching out for him - that got him through one of the toughest periods of his life.

It took this traumatic experience to make us all realise that the greatest gift sport has to offer isn’t the sport itself, but the people, support and friendships it provides. The post match is where you really come together - sharing stories, reliving champagne moments, celebrating and commiserating. We certainly wouldn’t be where we are without it, and we felt like that was worth celebrating. 

Post Match Aprarrel Company

For too long mental health has been a taboo topic, a blind spot you could say for many people. That’s why we were adamant we didn’t want to be just another clothing company. We wanted our brand to mean more to people.

Blind Spot champions the post match experience with clothes you can be as proud to wear after the game as the ones you wear during. Clothes that show regardless of your ability, skill set - or even injuries (yes, Sam!) - you are always part of a universal sporting community and understand the real sense of belonging, friendship and support it gives us all.  

Meet the Squad

Sam 'The Front Guy'

Sam’s hockey achievements speak for them self but his social game is arguably where his true talent lies. Even after his almost career-ending injury Sam remained the life and soul of the post match. So much so you could argue he chose the wrong career.

Tom 'The Business Guy'

Whilst Tom’s sporting ability is not to be scoffed at, his true ability lies in hosting a get together. Our meetings are mostly at Tom’s, and they rarely end on time, or with just the three of us. He also knows a thing or two about running a business. Good job one of us does!

Sully 'The Creative Guy'

Although Tom and Sam’s on field accolades are tough to follow, Sully labels himself as a “Jack of all sports”. Sully’s generally the mediator at the post match, making sure everyone’s alright and happy. Eternally modest, handsome, multi-talented and an elite-level post-matcher. (also the one who writes the website)


The missing ‘i’ in blind. The font used in traditional eye tests. The eye-con based upon Sam’s retina scan post-injury. Three stark reminders from our own experience that the best of sport really does happen post match. It’s where life-long friendships are made.

So, we would ask that you wear your post match stash with pride. Take the time to ask your mates how they are doing. And keep an eye out on the people around you. Whether you are the sensible one, the spectator, the life-and-soul, the confidant, the joker or the storyteller we all have a responsibility to look after one another as we enjoy that post match fun.